iExec Launches Portal To Reward RLC To Users, Enable Voting & Access NFTs Through Metamask

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The French company iExec, which offers a decentralized marketplace for computer resources, has unveiled the iExec Portal, a new interface intended for its community. This tool aims to support the growth of the iExec community by offering them the possibility to vote on the activities that concern them and by rewarding their contributions with RLC tokens.

Take Part In The Governance Of The Community

Then startup born in 2016 based in France, iExec (RLC) allows the exchange of cloud computing resources on a global scale on a market open to all.

Built on Ethereum, the iExec Marketplace connects resource providers with resource users, enabling anyone to monetize computing power, datasets, and applications.

To support the growth of its community, iExec has just unveiled the iExec Portal. To this end, this tool introduces a voting system: members of the iExec community now have the possibility to take part in the various decisions concerning the activities of the community by voting on the proposals submitted by the iExec team.

For example, members will be able to vote on the format of AMA sessions, award accolades to someone in the community, or even choose future features for the iExec Portal.

Members’ votes are weighted by the number of RLCs they hold, but any RLC holder can participate, regardless of how many RLCs they hold.

To ensure that it does not cost the community any fees, votes will take place on the Snapshot platform, which takes note of the number of tokens held in the wallet at the time of voting.

Note that users will need to log into the iExec Portal through a Portis or MetaMask wallet.

Contribute To The Development Of iExec And Receive Rewards

To highlight the actions of its members, iExec also introduced the Community Rewards Program. This new scheme aims to reward the most active and involved members of the community for their contributions, ranging from content creation to technical assistance provided to protocol users.

These rewards take the form of RLC tokens and will be distributed each month to contributors who have particularly distinguished themselves.

The iExec Portal brings together all the information relating to the Community Rewards Program, in particular how to win the various rewards offered by iExec.

From this new tool, it will also be possible to view the POAP NFTs  (a kind of memory engraved on the blockchain) received after contributing to the project or participating in events.

Access All Of iExec’s Resources Through A Single Interface

The iExec Portal also makes it easy to manage wallets containing RLCs. With a dedicated dashboard, RLC token holders can view their wallet balance.

Additionally, users can find out how to grow their RLC tokens in a variety of ways, including on platforms like Uniswap or Bancor.

Similarly, by browsing the iExec Portal, users can access iExec products and services from a single interface:

  • The iExec Oracle Factory , to create personalized oracles from any type of data, in less than 5 minutes and in a few clicks;
  • The iExec Developer Rewards Program , to be rewarded for creating applications on the iExec protocol.

“With the iExec Portal, we want to offer the community an entry point where everyone can join the iExec ecosystem. The iExec Portal is meant to be a place to listen to our community, recognize and reward their contributions, and help them get the most out of their RLCs,” explains Nelly Cornejo, Adoption Manager. ‘iExec.

Of course, this is the first iteration of the iExec Portal. The iExec team plans to add many more features over time to provide the best possible experience for its community.

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