The first Chess on Golem Tournament is running with one slot (3rd prize – 5000 GLM) remaining!

An outstanding 1100+ human vs Chess on Golem games have been played so far as part of this tournament, and multiple masters came out to claim victory over Chess on Golem.


  • The first player, teoeo#2927, claimed the prize of 15k GLM by defeating the Grand Master Level.
  • The second player, Yellowdragoon#1476. claimed the prize of 10k GLM by defeating the Grand Master Level.
  • The third player is to win the reward is TBD, claiming the prize of 5k GLM by defeating the Master Level. If this prize isn’t claimed by January 3rd then the difficulty will decrease again.

Winner’s Backgrounds

Their winners came from a wide range of countries and ratings, with teoeo#2927 being a freshly named national master (NM) in the USA, with a FIDE elo of 2204. Teoeo is well known on as being a strong player overall. Teoeo is well versed in the London System, and positionally superior compared to other players at his current elo.

Yellowdragoon#1476 is a FIDE master who hails from Ireland with a current elo of 2315! Yellowdragoon#1476 has shown how well he excels at blitz games by winning the majority of games on the FIDE stage as both white and black.

Golem Provider Subsidy Update

The Golem Provider Subsidy – ZkSync to Polygon began almost two weeks ago and they would like to do a push to get as many providers to upgrade before the conclusion of the subsidy, on January 13th. So far there have been 121 providers who’ve been transferred a total of ~3600 GLM.

If you’ve run a Yagna provider node in the past then you’re on the eligibility list. All you need to do is to spin up your provider node with the latest version (v0.9.1) and run it to allow for the subsidy scanner to find the node, before January 13th. The scanner is checking each day for eligible providers that have updated to the latest version. Following which your node address will be put in queue to receive the Polygon GLM transfer.

Over the Christmas weekend, the scanner discovered 4 more eligible nodes although there are hundreds more on the Golem Provider Subsidy eligibility list. Don’t miss out!


A quick thank you to the winners and contributors of the Golem Chess Competition so far, it was extraordinary to see such skills chess players come to the Golem community and beat the Golem Network in chess. They also had great community feedback by two individuals (Arald#3425 and wannabe2700#9172) which helped them improve the competition in places where the guidelines had some holes. The 3rd prize is still remaining!