ETH Berlin Founder, Maria Paula Fernandez To Leave Golem | Focus On NFT Art Project

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Maria Puala Fernandez has been part of Golem for four years, joining in January of 2018. She started out in external relations to later become the Ecosystem, Reachout & Communications Lead and an Advisor to the Board of Directors. She is now a recognized voice in the Crypto world. 

She is the Founder and Managing Director of the Department of Decentralization “DoD” (Est. Jan 2018). DoD is a collective of individuals working on Decentralized Open Source. Their aim is to be an agnostic vehicle to drive adoption, educate newcomers, and raise awareness on the challenges and benefits of decentralization and open-source software. The DoD has noticeable subprojects like ETH Berlin, Görli Testnet, and Manifold Research. 

She recently announced her departure from Golem to focus on an Art focused NFT Project. 

“A short personal announcement

… been thinking quite a lot on how and when to write this – not easy!

I’m posting to let you know that after four amazing years of building and learning, and growing with this community, I’m going to be leaving Golem as I’m launching an art-focused project (NFT art, so not that I am leaving Ethereum!)

It’s not been an easy choice, the team has become a family to me and we have shared incredible moments and milestones achieved, but I feel I have gained now the confidence and experience to start my own thing – and see how it works out.

Thanks to Golem, so far this has been easy. Working for four years on such a project allowed me to build myself as a professional and have a platform to launch my venture as a respected person in the Ethereum space. So my thanks to the team and the community.

That said, I am not leaving the community, I am becoming one more of you, and I am thrilled about that! I will definitely ask questions on AMAs, shitpost on Discord, and follow the progress of my peers. 

Forever thankful and will miss being the bad cop on Reddit!”

Original Reddit Post

Understandably, there has been a lot of interest in the online community about the new project. So far, there is little information about what it will be. Considering her track record in the industry, it is worth keeping an eye out for. 

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