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One Of The Best Performing Tokens Of The Week

On Monday, the CBG Token started the week at around 2.80. Three days later, on Thursday, it reached a high of 27.01. On Sunday it reached a high of 56.63, which is a 2023% increase from its Monday level.

Currently, it is trading at 39.94, but it certainly had an outstanding week of high returns. It was one of the hottest coins in the market and the chart continues to look bullish. So what is the Chainbing project and what is the CBG coin?


Chainbing recognizes that with the boom of smart contracts and layer 2 networks, on-chain data has become increasingly difficult to interpret and track. On-chain data is no longer limited to ordinary transfers, like normal transactions, but contains more and more additional information. Distilling and sharing this new information will be the next problem that blockchain networks will face.


To solve this, Chainbing focuses on storing, indexing, analyzing, and sharing data on the blockchain. Their goal is to provide users with fast and accurate information by introducing data witnessing mechanisms (the BIAE System), which ensure the reliability of the data. 

Data collection nodes (Collectors) focus on the collection of raw data, data processing nodes (Processors) responsible for processing raw data into user-readable content, content creators (Creators) outputting original content based on the data, and validators (Monitors) used to maintain the correctness of the information.

They provide rewards for participants who provide validation. 

BIAE System 

As blockchain data proliferates there will be an increasingly broad role for their Blockchain Information Aggregation Engines (BIAE)

The BIAE network provides powerful artificial intelligence big data analysis tools that allow creators to easily access valid information on the chain and transform it into more valuable original information. 

CBG Token 

A token economy will be introduced into every aspect of the BIAE network. This embedded token integration will ensure the BIAE is a network of value. The token economy model will support the security and sustainability of the network. At the same time, it should benefit all participants of this network, including validators, creators, and users, while at the same time enabling the network to grow.

Development Schedule 

2021, Q3 & Q4: Initial completion of the underlying protocol

2022, Q1 & Q2: Alpha version of node components completed 

2022, Q3: Chainbing main network skeleton construction completed 

2022, Q4: Launch of the first data center 

2023, Q1 & Q2: Construction and completion of the first generation AI data analysis center 

2023, Q3 & Q4: Steady development of community ecology, advanced content creators on board

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